Andrew Jones is a professional drummer living and working on Boston's North Shore.

He joined Radio Roulette in the spring of 2020, and the band is really excited to welcome him aboard! He brings a killer sense of time, dynamics, feel, and groove to the songs, along with a wealth of experience performing, touring, teaching, and recording as a full-time musician.

Some artists Andrew has performed with include Susan Cattaneo, Parks, Jenny Dee & The Deelingquents, Ruby Rose Fox, Peter Parcek Trio, Abbie Barrett, and Peter Gammons Hot Stove All-Stars.

In addition to drums, he plays just about any instrument he can get his hands on: piano, trombone, ukulele, and clarinet among them.

On the web:

Fun Facts:

  • Outside of music, Andrew enjoys cooking, gardening, yoga, and running.
  • He once met Frank Purdue at a minor league baseball game in the 90s. Describing the experience, Andrew had this to say: "Good guy. Really does look like a chicken..."
  • He always chooses Toad in Mario Kart. Always.
  • Bucket list item: attend an opera at the Opera House in Venice, Italy.

Some of Andrew's Favorites:

  • Band: Led Zeppelin
  • TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Kroll Show
  • Food: Butterfinger Blizzard, anything spicy!
  • Beverage: Coke
  • Movie Quote: “Led Zeppelin didn’t write tunes everybody likes... they left that to the Bee Gees."
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones