The newest member to help keep the Radio Roulette wheel spinning, Glenn grew up with four older brothers, three of whom played the drums. Accepting his destiny, Glenn also took up the drums (much to his parents' dismay)... Four drummers and one guitar player did not make for a well-rounded family band, so Glenn set out on his own to join the local music scene, and has played in some of the area's best cover bands over the years. After being a regular fill-in with the band, Glenn is now happy to call Radio Roulette his musical home! With his energetic playing style, personality, and singing ability, he is a welcome addition to the band, and helps bring the FUN to every show!

Fun Facts: 

Glenn is a meteorologist by day, so it's okay to blame him if the weather isn't perfect for outdoor events. 

Some of Glenn's Favorites: 

• Band: Rush (there is no close second!) 
• TV Show: Breaking Bad, Seinfeld 
• Food: Dessert! (but shouldn't it be drumsticks?) 
• Beverage: Mountain Don't
• Movie Quote: "Yeah, this number is like an elephant dart to the public's face." - Pitch Perfect 
• Song to play with Radio Roulette: Anything with sweet vocal harmonies.