Elizabeth is a full-time musician, producer, and recording engineer. She holds a Bachelor of Music (from UMass-Lowell) with an emphasis in Sound Recording Technology, which basically means she spent a lot of time training her ears to hear every little thing, whether it's a chord change, a subtle harmony part, the timbre of a synth sound, or the milliseconds of reverb on the snare. She takes great pride in recreating signature keyboard sounds, and loves singing harmonies & painting in the fine details of Radio Roulette's soundscape.

In addition to Radio Roulette, Elizabeth works as a side-person and session player (keys, guitar, bass, vocals) for some of Boston’s top musicians, while continuing to enjoy a successful solo career.

She’s currently working on her third solo CD release, and has shared the stage with Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Suzanne Vega, and Catie Curtis, among others. Look for Elizabeth's original music online at www.elizabethlorrey.com.

Fun Facts:

  • Elizabeth met her musical idol, Robert Smith (the Cure), in 2004 and can now die happy.
  • Outside of music, she enjoys kayaking, ice hockey, golf, and reading every chance she gets (though it's usually a gear manual of some kind these days)

Some of Elizabeth's Favorites:

  • Band: the Cure, Garbage, Spouse
  • TV Show: Stranger Things, Orphan Black
  • Food: Saag Paneer
  • Beverage: Guinness
  • Movie Quote: "These are not the droids you're looking for."
  • Song to play with Radio Roulette: the next one!

(photo by Robin Terhune)

(photo by Lorenzo Colomba

(photo by Lorenzo Colomba