Drummer Joe Donahue joined the Radio Roulette family in January of 2023, and we're psyched to have him aboard! He brings a solid command of the drums, with the technical skills to nail any style of music (and make it look easy!). From jazz to blues to high energy rock & roll, Joe covers all the bases with the ease and power seen only from a true pro.

Joe has played in bands in MA, MO, and FL (too many to list!); outside of music, he enjoys movies, playing pool, sports cars, and spending time with his family.

You can find his Bandmix page here: Joe the Drummer

Fun Facts: 

Joe is an EXPERT-level Dad joker
Bucket list item: "Get my sorry butt to Europe!" 
Earliest influences: Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix) and Carl Palmer (ELP) 

Some of Joe's Favorites: 
• Band: YES 
• Movie Quote: "I collect spores, molds and fungus." 
• TV Show: The Simpsons 
• Beverage: Strawberry lemonade 
• Food: Baked potato loaded with sour cream 
• Song to play with Radio Roulette: "I really like Pontoon (Little Big Town) because it tells a story. And I want to live that floating life!"